Who he works with

  • Individuals to focus on what they do best and fufill their potential, develop their talents to achieve greater satisfaction and productivity in their personal and working lives.
  • Boards of directors to both focus their work and aid better decision-making
  • Organisations going through significant change, both in terms of their internal and external communications and human resource needs, helping identify the best people using tools and techniques from the world of business psychology.

Together with his private practice he also supports IMD Business School in Lausanne Switzerland on their Senior executive programmes as a leadership coach.

Examples of his work

  • Coaching many Leaders around the world to enhance their performance and create new energy based on a greater understanding of their talents values and aspirations.
  • Working with those who have come to a crossroads in their career and need to redefine themselves in different roles that are both personally satisfying and rewarding.
  • Working with boards of Directors to help clarify the strategy and focus their energy on key deliverables
  • Consulting with organisations going through major change, such as mergers and acquisitions, creating programmes that effectively support both those staying and leaving the organisation.

David is well known for his direct, honest approach both one to one, in groups and when speaking at events.